Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Perodua Alza...good looking!!

Congratulations Perodua!!!This Perodua Alza ,a small size MPV had finally launched yesterday.It based on Daihatsu Luxio and Toyota Passo Sette.That's why the refinement and quality is better,because this car is actually Toyota!!! Perodua just do some changes on the front grill and headlamp and they made it nicer than Passo Sette.Years ago the agreement had been done to make Perodua as a distant cousin of Toyota.

So we always can predict how Perodua Cars will be because their cousin in Japan(Daihatsu and Toyota) will produce it first for Japan and Indonesia market and Perodua will rebadge for us with lower price than imported toyota cars.The stake of Japanese car maker is about 25 % and UMW toyota (M) had it 38 % and the others are from PNB,MBM resources and Mitsui & Co ltd.

Although some people question is it really malaysian car?,can you claim it a national car when you just rebadge,do some cosmetic and sell?To me its Ok..Perodua had been setup around 1993..they are just 16 years old..they are still consider as kids in automotive industy.Is it wrong for a kid to have guidance first before he can stand by himself?It's good to learn and have the transfer of technology with Toyota.I believe,next 10 years,Perodua will have their very own car.KEEP IT UP PERODUA!

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